Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fame at last

Let's get this started by blowing my own trumpet: an article about mailing from SSIS that I submitted to almost a year ago was republished last Friday and appeared at the top of the home page. It's been read over 7,000 times in the past three days and almost 20,000 times in total as I write this, and the reactions I've received have been extremely positive.

It's only now, in 2009, that you're starting to see a serious amount of information and background on Integration Services. It's been languishing in the background since the launch of SQL Server 2005, largely, as far as I can see, because the documentation was so sparse. It was easy to be an SSIS expert up to 12 months ago, but now I have to raise my game and get to grips with the enhancements to SSIS in SQL Server 2008.

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