Friday, June 12, 2009

Consumer Protection

I'm sure that Neelie Kroes and all the monopolies people at the European Commission mean well, but I can't see whose interests are served by having Microsoft ship operating systems that don't include a browser. Anyone reading this knows where to find and how to install every major browser within five minutes, and most of us run two or more browsers as a matter of course, and not because the EU think it's a good idea, either.

On the other hand, your mother buys a new PC from the local electrical superstore with Windows pre-installed and when she gets home she has no web browser. And that's probably the number one thing she wants from her new PC, unless she's spending her evenings playing WoW. Is the European Commission helping her?

I fully realise that the issues are complex, but remedies like these surely help no-one, least of all the consumer.

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