Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wheel out the dancing elephants

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth during the preparation of it, I'm very pleased and proud to announce that the 360Data website has received a much-needed update and is now online: maybe you're looking at it right now. It's hopefully a bit more sharp-and-to-the-point than the previous version, and certainly looks great. (I take no credit for this aspect; all plaudits go to Mr. David Quinn and the crack team at Avenir Design - I can't recommend them highly enough).

It's got quite a lot in common with the old site, design-wise, but is intended to feel friendlier and more personal. It's also intended to highlight past & present work to give the visitor a better idea of the sort of projects I can take on, as well as the all-important customer recommendations. Outside of that, we cut down on the amount of text on the site. Everyone's busy, right? All the old articles and documents are there still, but are less spread out.

Let me know what you think; I'd be delighted to get your feedback.

P.S. - Here's what the old site looked like.

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