Sunday, January 31, 2010

New version

PER Plus Logistics of Zevenbergen have implemented the newest version of their workflow system, including changes to invoicing to reflect the new EU intracommunitaire VAT regulations, additional interfaces to their bookkeeping software and layout changes to documentation.

Invoicing from the system is now fail-safe: an invoice can't be completed, printed or posted if the customer's full address details aren't known. If the customer is an EU customer, the VAT number is mandatory and warnings are displayed if it's not present. Again, the invoice can't be completed, printed or posted if this is the case. No VAT is charged if the customer is based in an EU country (other than the Netherlands).

All this decision-making takes place behind the scenes, meaning that staff don't need to decide in each case how VAT should operate and preventing mistakes from being made.

360Data wishes PER Plus continued success with the application and looks forward to the next challenge.