Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SQL 2008 R2 News

The first Community Technology Preview - what we used to call an alpha back in the good old days - of SQL Server 2008 R2 is now available on MSDN. General availability will follow shortly, apparently.

Michael Otey over at SQL Server Magazine has an interesting point of view on the version - to whit, he feels that it's too soon to be releasing a new version considering most businesses haven't even made the move to the "regular" SQL 2008 build. I don't have an opinion yet, as I haven't yet got my own hands on an install. The features that I saw demoed back in March looked impressive, but I'm still learning new tricks and features of last year's release.

One of the disappointments in this first CTP is that the much-heralded MDS features aren't present, according to the indefatigable Jamie Thomson. This is one of the most interesting additions to SQL Server in some years, and it'll be really interesting to see what Microsoft have to offer when it finally arrives.

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